Art Garfunkel had hoped to return to the road this fall, but the singer has revealed that his recent vocal woes will not allow him to make the run.

The vocalist's career came to a halt in 2010 when vocal paralysis scratched a proposed Simon & Garfunkel tour. In August, the he felt that things were getting better and he went ahead and scheduled nine shows for the fall in anticipation of making his stage return. However, Billboard reports that that dates have now been canceled because of his troublesome vocal cord issues.

Garfunkel released the career retrospective 'The Singer' earlier this year and had planned to promote it with six October shows, two November dates and a sole December stop. The first hint of trouble came recently when Garfunkel called off seven of his final eight shows, including two dates in Sweden last week.

The singer said in a statement, "I had such hopes of being finally ready to perform. How painful to try and not be quite yet there." Garfunkel's manager, John Scher, said he expects that in time the vocalist will come back "stronger than ever."

As his voice began to return earlier this year, Garfunkel stated that he would be open to performing with Paul Simon again. He explained, "We have a lovely, poetic, nice thing to bring to people when we blend together. I want to put that all over the world. So now go to Paul and tell him that."

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