Andy Williams passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 84. While younger audiences have probably never heard of him, he was, in the 60's and early 70's, a major star.

A great many of us grew up watching his TV shows. He was on the air with several incarnations of "The Andy Williams Show" from 1957-1971.

Fox Photos/Getty Images)
Fox Photos/Getty Images)

In the early spring of 1968, Andy had Simon and Garfunkel as his musical guest and, as was his habit, he joined them for a song.  Watch what a beautiful job they do performing "Scarborough Fair"

One character I always loved was "the bear." The bear was always trying to trick Andy into giving him a cookie and it was some funny stuff. I went searching for one of the "bear bits" and instead, I found this great clip of Any Williams performing "Scarborough Fair" with Simon and Garfunkel from April, 1968.  It's a great performance.


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