Bradley Wayne Arabie, 25, of Lake Charles found himself in a world of trouble when he was arrested by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office on charges of possession of stolen property, but those charges really represent just the tip of the iceberg. By the time investigators were finished, Arabie was also charged with a host of other charges to boot.

It all started with a disturbance call at a home on Smith Road in Lake Charles. When deputies arrived they were told that the suspect was banging on the door of the residence with a handgun. The complainant also advised that Arabie had visible injuries and was acting intoxicated.


Here is the official press release from the CPSO:

It seems that one of Arabie's neighbors had reported the theft of a duffel bag containing an XBox, 2 guitars, a trombone, and a Blu-Ray DVD player.

Officers went to the location and what did they find? Well, according to the official press release from the CPSO:


When deputies arrived they located Arabie sitting on the steps with a handgun in his waistband and marijuana in his possession.  During further investigating deputies learned that prior to Arabie knocking on the complainant’s door, he was seen walking out of the woods near the mobile home park.  When deputies search the woods they located a duffel bag with miscellaneous items, an XBox, 2 guitars, a trombone, and a Blu-Ray DVD player.

Sound familiar? Not exactly a coincidence. The items were returned to the rightful owner and Arabie was charged with the theft of the items. Now, all we need to know is: What the hack he was going to do with the trombone.

CPSO Detective Deveda Benoit is the lead investigator on this case.