We've just come out of a particularly rainy season. With all that rain, some low lying areas have experienced some flooding and the high water is not the only problem we may have to deal with. Just as we seek higher ground in flood zones, so do snakes.

We live in an area where all four kinds of poisonous snakes are apt to be found and we need to be extra careful until the high water recedes. In case your not familiar, the poisonous snakes we could encounter on the gulf coast are the cotton mouth moccasin, rattle snakes, copper heads and coral snakes.

There are a few snake repellant products available at places like Lowes and Home Depot, but these are really nothing more than ground-up mothballs. The best thing we can do is to remove the snakes hiding places around our homes.

If you have a brushy area, clear it out. Keep your lawn mowed and remove any debris that may have piled up in your yard as well. If you live in an area where you see a lot of snakes anyway, always watch your step and wear shoes.

Experts say that a great number of bites happen when people try to kill the snakes with a shovel or stick, so if you see a poisonous snake in your yard, it's best to not to try and kill it that way.

Once the water recedes a bit, the snakes will tend to go back to their homes. they want to avoid us as much as we want to avoid them. In the meantime, just exercise caution .

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