So I go into a big chain drug store to buy a couple of items. I can not believe how long it takes me to check out using my debit card. Maybe this has happened to you too. Is this really faster than cash?

So you remember those commercials about how debit cards are faster than cash? Here's one.

Well that commercial was filmed in someone's dreamworld! First the drug store ask for my phone number so I can get my rewards card discount. I enter my phone number but noticed that I received no discount! Then I am told to scan my debit card. I am prompted to enter my pin number which I do. Then I am ask if I want to donate to a charity. I have to respond to that before it ask me if I want cash back. I decline the cash then it ask me if the amount is OK. I respond to that and finally I am done. I could have already been in my car driving off if I had used cash!

Add to that the fact that they use my phone number to track my purchases and after recent events I am not to sure of anyone's card security. I think I am going to start carrying cash again.


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