There are all kinds of myths and legends and such regarding the waves given off by our iPhones, but this is just plain mysterious. As the video begins, we can see ants swarming around the iPhone in the video. A few ants even brave actually getting on the phone, but as soon as the phone starts to ring, the ants react by traveling in a clock-wise circle.

Now, say what you will about all the urban legends about cell phones, but this really is pretty amazing. Exactly why the ants react to the phone is quite a mystery. WE all know that ants communicate by some odd electric waves between each other, but this is the first time I've ever seen any creatures react to an electronic device.

The volume in the video is not really that great so you might have to turn up your speakers to hear it, but even without volume, you can tell that the minute the phone begins to ring, the ants react. Can you explain this one?