This Guy Bends iPhones
Yikes. Why don't you just set a pile of money on fire? Still, this guy goes the extra mile so you don't have to wonder if your phone will bend in your pocket.
The Voice of Siri
It's easy in today's technological world to just assume that when computers talk to us that they have their own voices.  Actually, someone has to sit in a room and record hours and hours of dialogue.  So what about iPhone's Siri, the voice command woman who seems to have a b…
10,000 iPhone Domino Display [VIDEO]
I've found a heck of a lot of uses for my iPhone over the years.  Calling, texting, shopping, getting me un-lost, checking my horoscope, ordering take-out...you get the picture.  However, this is one thing I never thought to try.  Check it out...

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