Let's face it. Baseball umpires have a nasty job. No matter what the call, some people love him; the rest hate him. Those factions can change in a split second.

Players get ejected for all sorts of infractions. "Calling the umpire's mom fat and ugly"--Spitting and kicking are frowned upon as well.

George Rose
Getty Images Sport
George Rose
Getty Images Sport

But for an umpire to eject the booth announcer? What on earth did he do?

BTW-The umpire in the picture below is NOT the umpire in the story. It's just a Getty Image of an umpire.

Derek Dye is a student at U of I and his summer intern job is that of an announcer for the Cubbies minor league team. Naturally, he's going to be pulling for the old home team, so when a close call went in favor of the competition, he thought a musical interlude would be nice. And which song, you ask, did he play? Watch the video!

Not a music lover, umpire Mario Seneca ejected Dye from the game and slapped a $25 dollar fine on the boy.

Initially, Dye was worried that the Cubs would end his summer internship and send him back to Illinois because of his transgression. But, in fact, team officials have stood behind Dye in the aftermath of the ejection.

And why shouldn’t they? It was the team that put ‘Three Blind Mice’ on the playlist in the first place.


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