Yeah, yeah -- Halloween's a great time to dress up as crazy, scary or funny people, but some people go too far.  And some costumes are downright scary -- but not in the way you want a Halloween costume to be.  There are some costumes that just invite disaster.  Not all of the costumes you're going to see here are for kids, but keep your kids away from these this year, just to be safe.

Pickle Kid

I don't want to get into what this costume really looks like, but what kid is screamin' "Dress me up like a pickle?"  And what parent says, "Well, okay, that's a sound idea.  Sound enough for me to spend $50."  And what company is saying, "We need to meet this demand for pickle costumes, but we need to charge at least $50 to make sure we get the highest quality.  For our ... pickle costumes."

2. Gallagher

Gallagher kid

Hey, 1986 called.  It wants it's Sledge-o-matic back.  Now, as a kid, I thought Gallagher was pretty funny.  But if your kid is dressing up as Gallagher TODAY, it smacks of some out-of-control Mom trying to make up for some inner trauma left over from the Reagan administration.

3.  Elizabethan Bard

Elizabethan Bard

If you dress up your kid like this, he will get the living tar beaten out of him.  This is a poor parenting decision if your child isn't appearing in a Shakespeare play.  And if your kid is appearing in a Shakespeare play, you should put them back in street clothes before they go into public.

4. Rihanna from 2010

Crazy 2010 Rihanna

When Rihanna went to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2012, she looked like a mental patient.  She looks like a seven year old who dressed herself out of Mommy's closet.  And people thought that was cool.  Let us weep for the new generation.

5. Homemade Jellyfish

Homemade Jellyfish

When you look at this costume, it's appalling, but the longer you look, the more you realize that it's incredibly creative.  A lot of work went into this costume, no doubt.  But once it's done, and you look at it, don't you realize that you put too much work into something that ugly?


6. Sexy Devil

Sexy Devil

In the world we live in today, lots of people want to do sexy costumes.  However, this girl is very clearly 12.  We need to remember that there are a lot of Jerry Sanduskies out there, and Halloween is their Christmas morning.  If you dress your kid like this, you are not a good parent.  Sorry -- I know that sounds harsh, but there's nothing okay about this.


7.  Twister Board

Twister Kid

At first, this seems clever, but after thinking about it for 20 seconds, you realize it's just as bad -- if not worse -- than Sexy Devil.  Do you really want to invite anyone to put their hands or feet on your child?  Okay, if you're going to an adult-themed party, that would be one thing.  But it's a problem for the kiddos.  Let's take the time to think, parents.


8. Computer components

Geek Kid

This poor fella was very excited about his costume, and among his hacker friends, it's probably very hilarious.  If you're a kid, though, you're going to get beaten up about two minutes after they finish with Elizabethan Bard.


9.  World War II Evacuee Boy

World War II Evacuee Boy

What situation could you possibly be in -- mental or otherwise -- to think that dressing up your child as a war evacuee is a good idea?  I could understand if your child was going to star in "Schindler's List II," but dressing up as a Warsaw ghetto escapee for fun and giggles?  It's time to up your medication.


10.  Whatever the Heck This Is

Whatever the heck this is

This isn't a bad costume, per se -- or rather, it's not a bad IDEA for a costume -- but if you dress up a kid like this, they will never see the car that hits them or the cult that worships them.


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