A kindergarten teacher went all out decorating her classroom this year with a decked out Disney motif.

Not only is it crazy cool and creative, but it's very well thought out and designed to help the kids interact and learn.

My memory is so terrible, I'm sitting here trying to remember if I ever had a classroom this cool when I was growing up, but all I'm drawing is a blank. And for that matter, I can't even remember if my kids have had a classroom this boss.

She's also getting huge props because she had to use her own money to make it happen.

I hear stories all the time about how teachers have to pour tons of money into their classrooms from their own pockets. When a teacher cares this much and pours her heart and pocketbook into her students, I think that deserves next level appreciation from parents and her school.

I know if it was me, my classroom would be the dullest in the school, with little to no decorations.

I think someone at her school or a student's parent should start a GoFundMe for this teacher so she can recoup the expenses she spent giving her students this amazing environment to learn in.

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