Just imagine what you would do if you were in you neighborhood grocery store when, out of nowhere, the earth began to tremble and shake and odd items came flying off the shelves on to the floor. Well, I don't know about you, but I think I would beat a hasty retreat from the store and get outside. Not this guy. Nope, instead he grabbed his trusty phone and began making a video of the action.

I don't think in terms of, "Hey, great video op" so I'll never be on Youtube with any kind of amazing video, but this guy, in addition to having nerves of steel, knows how to capture a moment when he sees one.

Just being inside in an earthquake has to jangle your nerves, but it's at right at the beginning of the video that the lights go out and it gives the whole store the look of some kind of twisted, shaking haunted house. The guy who shot this isn't shaken though and walks around the store filming the action. Watching this video is sort of like looking at a cobra in a zoo. It's interesting to watch what must have been a terrifying event from a nice safe distance.

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