The Boy Scout Motto is: Be Prepared...By that they mean be prepared for anything! Over the past few years, natural disasters have been in the news a lot and that prompted National Geographic Channel and Kelton Research to take a poll and ask people what disasters they think may be pending and how prepared are they should those fears come to pass.

Here are the results..Do they match your answers?



Earthquakes64%Significant blackout37%
Hurricanes63%A pandemic29%
Terrorism55%Nuclear fallout14%
Financial collapse51%


Other findings:

  • 85% of the nation is not ready for a devastating event.
  • More than 62% of Americans think the world will experience a major catastrophe in less than 20 years.
  • 71% envision a major disaster in their lifetime as an act of God, not man.
  • 27% believe that the Mayan calendar’s prediction about a calamitous event in December 2012 will be at least “somewhat true.”
  • 52% believe that if Mitt Romney or one of his Republican counterparts overtake Barack Obama, a man made catastrophe is more likely.
  • Among those who feel unprepared, 40% cite the lasting effects of the recession as the reason for their unpreparedness.
  • The same number (40%) say “to hell with a 401(k)” to save money for catastrophe arrangements.
  • If doomsday were to arrive, 39% think they would not last two weeks based on the supplies they have on hand.

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