Matthew Mobley of Alexandria, Louisiana likes breaking into places. He must like it a lot. Recently, he attempted to burglarize an Alexandria business by gaining access through the chimney. Now, I have to ask, has this guy not read all the stories about people getting stuck in chimneys?

Well, at any rate, poor Matthew did indeed get stuck in the unnamed store's chimney and he ended up spending the night there. When employees arrived the next morning they heard Mobley calling for help. Instead of helping him, the employees called in the authorities. Not wanting to talk to the cops about why he was stuck in the chimney, he found the inspiration to help himself out of his jam. After throwing a brick at the employees, he high tailed it out of there as fast as he could.

Cops managed to track down our would-be Santa Claus and read him his rights. It turns out that Mobley was no stranger to breaking and entering. This particular run-in marks Mobley's 77th arrest.

You know, a couple more break-ins and he could get a reputation as an habitual criminal. How does someone get arrested 77 times and still be out walking the streets? I'd like to know more about this one!


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