Now that his tenure as judge on ‘American Idol’ is over, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler can stop making a fool of himself on national television and go back to doing it onstage, where it works a lot better. In a new interview, Tyler discussed his motives for taking the job.

“I think I’m an adrenaline junkie,” Tyler told Time. “It was a risky thing. I didn’t know whether I’d get berated.”

With that information, we can certainly see how Tyler’s need to be in the spotlight could, during a period of inactivity for Aerosmith, lead him to take the ‘Idol’ gig at the expense of his own credibility. Tyler also admits that the other members of the band were upset by his two years on the show, but that’s all behind them now, and he has nothing but praise for his bandmates, especially guitarist Joe Perry.

“When Joe plays the lead, it’s like he’s putting his head in the lion’s mouth,” he continued. “You never know how it’s going to come out, but he’s got the balls to do it.  And he comes off looking like one of the biggest rock guitar stars on the planet.”

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