One of the most supreme perils of being a great American workhorse is there is never enough paid time off — and new research suggests that not only do workers desperately want more vacation time, but they are willing to give up a whole heck of a lot in order to get their hands on it.

In fact, a recent study conducted by vacation club Inspirato in the nation’s top 10 cities found that nearly 50 percent of American workers are more than willing to take some kind of a cut in their company benefits in exchange for more paid personal time.

Nearly one-tenth of the American workforce claims it would prefer to receive more vacation time than it would a higher salary or even a promotion — in some cases even compensation bonuses.

Some workers are even willing to give up saving for the future in exchange for earning more time off — 10 percent reported they would give up their company’s 401(k) in exchange for more vacation time.

It seems like the only thing the American worker isn’t willing to part with is current salary — only five percent would be willing to take a smaller salary for more time off.

Strangely, even though the average employee receives approximately 19 paid vacation days a year, the survey found that nearly 60 percent of the American workforce doesn’t even take advantage of all of the vacation time it earns.

Nearly a third of all workers in Los Angeles and San Francisco do not use all of their vacation time despite nearly half of them reporting a willingness to give up benefits for more paid time off.

The workforce in Washington, DC cannot wait to get out of the office, with nearly 60 percent willing to give up benefits for some extra time off.

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