Reports say that multiple arrests were made after a brawl broke out at a lake party in Florida. Aerial video shows many people fighting on barges and in the water as hundreds of boats gathered on what turned out to be a potentially dangerous day.


At least one person was injured with many more being arrested or cited in an incident that occurred on Lake George in Volusia County, Florida per reports.


The brawl was seemingly centered on a small barge where a DJ had set up. Multiple people could be seen fighting on and off of the barge.


While some tried to calm the situation that was evidently reaching dangerous levels, men could seen tackling each other off of the barge and into the water. Others that were fighting in the water could be seen being slammed into the side of the barge.


Arrests were reportedly made in the incident, as authorities did their best to keep everyone present safe.

Boat Brawl Erupts on Lake George in Florida

See the full video shared by WDSU News on Facebook below.

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