This viral video will take your breath away as a toddler fights for his life after falling into the family pool.

This is from January but it's making the rounds now.  A security cam at a house in Brazil shows a toddler in a diaper falling into a swimming pool and then out of nowhere a seven-year-old comes running into the picture and jumps in to save him.

From an early age, if I remember correctly when they were 4 or 5, we've put our kids in swimming lessons.  Living here in SWLA, water is a big part of "having fun" in the summer.  So, we definitely wanted to make sure our children were properly equipped to handle the water at a very young age.

Elijah is now 11 and Khloe is 8, and both are really good swimmers.  I would recommend getting your children in the water as young as possible and teach them to swim, because chances are when they're older, they're going to be with friends around water.

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