What video can be better than a granny mispronouncing celebs names?  Well, a B.A. granny kicking the mess out of a robber of course!

Obviously if you're going to rob a store, you would want to rob the one with an 82 year old cashier.

Well, that turned out to be the worst idea of his life.  During the robbery she decides to channel her inner Rambo.  Granny grabs her cane and starts hitting him and poking him before she ends up on the ground.

Unfortunately, the dude got away with about $60 and some cigarettes.

She's one tough bird, even with a black eye and some bruises she's back checking out customers at the register.

The whole event was captured on the store's surveillance cameras and later when she was interviewed by a local TV station she said, "I went hell for leather on him."


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