Don Rivers

I decided to stay in Lake Charles last night just in case I needed to get to work early this morning. That decision paid off as my phone rang before five am because our morning man on sister station Gator 99.5 could not cross the I-10 bridge to get to work. I get up, thrown on my clothes and start the adventure that was my ride to work

it was 28 degrees with a wind chill at 18. I bundled up at got to my car which was parked under cover so I thought I would be OK. I started my drive and noticed drops on my windshield. I turned on my wipers and they scraped against the ice. The drops were freezing as soon as they hit my windshield. My defroster was still blowing cold air and I wished I had waited for my car to get warm before leaving. The roads were empty so I just went very slow as my windshield gradually cleared. I only hit a couple of places with ice before I made it in. I had just enough time to grab a cup of coffee and get on the air to start passing along information. That was when State Trooper James Anderson showed up with updates and I knew it was really bad.

In situations like this you can only count on local radio to inform you. We take our jobs very seriously when we need to get vital local news out. You won't get this on Pandora or satellite radio.

I waned to share some of the pictures from this morning with you. Please feel free to post yours.

Here is ice on a truck stopped on I-10 waiting for the bridge to open.

Don Rivers