Stanley Praimnath, a World Trade Center survivor, will be speaking at a local event tonight to honor first responders and remembrance on the anniversary of 9/11.

Unify All 4 One World Trade Center Survivor Event:

Mr. Praimnath was in World Trade Center tower #2 when the plane hit.  He was on 81st floor.  It's truly a miracle Stanley made it out alive that fateful day.  In fact, Stanley and only 1 other person from survived from the 81st floor.

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This event will be honoring first responders and it's free to the public.  They have tons of activities for the kids like a bouncy house, a train ride, booths, and many more!

The church will be barbecuing and invites you to come out, not only to hear Stanley's testimony but to stay for some community fellowship.

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