It doesn't matter if you're looking for a wedding ring or if you already have one on your finger and no matter if it's late October near Halloween or the middle of July—wedding ring superstitions and myths exist.

Is it bad luck to try on your wedding ring before the ceremony? What if it's too tight? What if it's too loose? Is it bad luck for someone else to try on your wedding ring? There are many wedding ring superstitions and myths.

A wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of unity, commitment and love but it can also be the center of attention for weird superstitious beliefs.

According to ASPIRE Diamonds and Shinning Diamonds Forever, a ring of gold or silver and diamonds can mean a lot more than just love.

9 Wedding Ring Superstitions and Myths

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What does a broken wedding ring mean?—A broken wedding ring means the marriage will also break. A broken wedding ring means the marriage will fail, unless, the ring gets fixed and is placed back on the woman's finger by the husband.

What if the wedding ring is too tight?—A wedding ring that is too tight means a strained marriage.

What if the wedding ring is too loose?—A wedding ring that is too loose will more than likely fall off from time to time. A loose wedding ring signifies a marriage that will not last.

The bride-to-be should never try on the ring before the ceremony.—Instead of trying on the ring you'll be purchasing, try on another ring like the one you want and size your ring accordingly.

Never try on someone else's wedding ring.—By trying on someone else's wedding ring, you pass on whatever that couple is currently going through and what will happen between them in the future to you and your significant other. Putting someone else's wedding ring on your finger will transfer problems like infidelity, unhappiness, financial troubles, etc. to you and yours.

Can a wedding ring predict the sex of an unborn child? —Many people 100% believe that a wedding ring can predict the sex of an unborn child and all it takes is a piece of string. What you do is, tie a piece of string around the mother-to-be's wedding ring and dangle it over her stomach. If the ring swings in a circular motion—it's a girl. If the ring swings back and forth—the baby will be male.

What does it mean if the bride or groom accidentally drops the ring during the ceremony? —How embarrassing would it be to drop the ring during the ceremony in front of all the guests? There you are, all eyes on you and you fumble and drop the ring. What does that say for the future of the marriage? Don't sweat it, in the world of superstition, dropping the ring during the ceremony will only bring good things to the marriage. Dropping the ring will release all negativity leaving the two love birds to start off with only positive vibes that will last a lifetime.

Why the left hand? —Throughout history, married women have worn wedding rings on their left hand. It's a superstition that goes as far back as time. The belief is that there is a vein in the fourth finger on the left hand that runs straight to the heart. But since there is not really a vein that runs directly from the fourth finger on a woman's left hand straight to the heart—we'll have to call this one a myth.

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And finally, if someone would like to look at your wedding ring while it's off your finger, never just hand it to them directly. Take it off your finger and put it down on something so that they can pick it up on their own. Simply handing over your wedding ring to someone is bad luck.

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