You know, it seems that no matter what kind of car we drive, we can never really seat more than 4 or 5 people with any level of comfort at all. Well, the folks at Honda need to buy this film footage so they can crow about how many people can be seated in a Civic Hatchback.

Now if I looked at a picture of a Civic and told to guess how many people could ride in it, I would, no doubt, say, "four or five." Ahh, but I would be wrong about that; at least according to this video. No, my friends, this car must have been built to use in a circus because 9 people eventually make their way out of the car.

I can't imagine how or why they all crowded into that tiny car, but as soon as they made contact with the Audi they hit, they started pouring out of the car. I can only assume that none of the occupants owned the vehicle since they all beat a hasty retreat. With the exception of the good Sam that goes back to let the other guys out of the hatch.

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