Seems like Peeps is taking a page out of Oreo's playbook. They just announced that 8 new flavors are coming to stores for Easter.

I'm personally still on the fence.  33 years after trying my first Peep that I can remember, and I still don't really know if I like them.  I mean, in general, I'm a meat and potatoes guy.  I don't care too much for desert or sweet things.  However, with that said, some of these new flavors have sparked my interest.  Especially the mystery flavors, it seems like it would be fun to see if I could taste what they are.

Peeps just announced 8 new flavors for Easter: 

1.  Sour cherry, available at grocery stores.

2.  Neapolitan, at Target.

3.  Lemon sherbet dipped in fudge, at Target.

4.  Orange sherbet dipped in fudge, at Target.

5.  Pancakes and syrup, at Kroger.

6-8.  Three mystery flavors, available at Walmart.

All of these new flavors should hit those stores soon.

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