Five Louisiana nursing homes are in hot water after a report by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare services shows poor conditions and subpar treatment of patients.

Louisiana Department of Health spokesperson Bob Johannessen says it’s the first time the feds have made the annual report public, and it’s important information for families.

“The more information an individual has about homes that they might be considering for loved ones, the better they are going to be able to chose a home that works best for their needs.”

The list identified over 400 problem facilities nationwide.

The list of concerns includes incidents of staff abuse, failure to follow vital healthcare protocol, unsanitary living conditions and a number of other disturbing reports. Johannessen says when it comes to choosing a nursing home…

“At the department we encourage individuals to look at the homes that they have in their region and talk to other people who have family members in those homes.”

Tioga Community Care Center, St. Helena Parish Nursing Home, Lake Charles Care center, South Lafourche Nursing and Rehab, and Belle Maison Nursing Home were named.

Belle Maison Nursing Home in Hammond is a repeat offender, and has been given a “special focus” Johannessen says that will likely lead to improved care, because most facilities only get an annual inspection.

“For a home that is designated as a special focus, we are going to be out there no less than every six months.”

In 2017 Belle Maison was reported for failing to protect a paraplegic patient from repeated violent attacks by their roommate, and failing to follow ulcer prevention protocol.

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