Don't expect a lot of privacy living in this luxurious Houston, TX mansion. Well, I'm sure if you're dropping $27 million on your house you'll be able to invest appropriately in window blinds. But this nearly see-through home is truly a sight to behold.

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Yup, I just found the people who live in glass houses not throwing stones, and guess what they're rich! And while I feel like I've been hearing this saying since I was a kid in the '80s, this house was built in 2011.

"This modern Texas home, known as Piney Point, is situated on almost nine (9) acres of wooded land. The home features the beauty of this property and is made of 40% storm resistant floor-to-ceiling windows. The home is located on a private point overlooking Buffalo Bayou. The home had an elevator, Olympic-quality gym, meditation room, wine cellar and pool."

And while this home is currently off the market, it is earmarked as the third most expensive home in The Lone Star State -- but it's like they say, everything is for sale for a price; and the price tag on this home has a lot of zeros in it, $27,500,000.00. If you've got the money, honey, we've got the home.

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 7 bathrooms
  • 3-car garage
  • Built in 2011
  • 14,868 sqft

Hell, who knows. Maybe by the time you save up enough money for the down payment it will be back on the market. In the mean time let's enjoy the modern beauty and sophistication of Pine Point together, stones not included:

SURPRISE! This Luxurious $27 Million Houston, TX Home is 40% Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Well I'll be, the actual house from the "don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house" house is located just outside Houston, TX, and it is a luxurious sight to behold.

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