I do love stories that show the best in people and I feel this one fills the bill. Xander Rose is a 4th grade student and he says he gets bullied all the time. That's always a sad situation. Kid who are bullied don't get to feel safe, they don't get to enjoy school and friendships and it's all because of a few jerk kids who are insecure about themselves.

Xander may feel that he doesn't have any friends at school, but he sure has a lot of friends who ride bikes so when the Nova Scotia bike club heard about his plight, more than 200 riders showed up in force to make sure that Xander got to school with out being bullied.

The name of the bike club is  Defenders of the Children and they say that any kid who is being bullied in school can call on them and they'll see to it that the bullying stops. Yet another case of bikers jumping in and helping someone. Defenders of the Children are my heroes of the day.










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