I have to tell you that I'm always amazed to see my job listed on a list of "worst jobs." What a bunch of cry babies we have in radio! I will be the first to tell you that working in radio is fun and anyone who complains about it is doing it wrong.

Sure, the hours can mess with you if you let them. I wake up in the morning around 3:30 a.m., but that's no big deal. I'm usually at work by 4a.m. and then all I have to do is read the material the writers presented over night, decide what to use on the air,  and I'm on my way. When my morning show is finished, I stay around and do some"work."

About the time you get back from lunch, I'm done for the day with an entire afternoon to spend any way I want. Now, how could you not love a job like that? I basically get paid just to be myself and try to make you laugh or smile.Tell me this isn't a dream job!

Moving on to the other Top 10; a lot of the jobs on this list don't really make sense. For example; Firefighter made the list, but police officer didn't. I can't think of a tougher job and many times it's thankless. Also not on the list is "teacher." Good grief some of the jobs on this list are downright cushy.


Here are the Top 10 Worst Jobs according to CareerCast.com


1.  Newspaper reporter.-

2.  TV broadcaster.

3.  Logger.

4.  Enlisted military personnel, mostly because of how dangerous it is.

5.  Pest control worker.

6.  Disc jockey . . No one in the industry uses the term Disc Jockey anymore. The world is now, "radio personality

7.  Ad sales. Talk about stress

8.  Firefighter.

9.  Retail sales.

10.  Taxi driver.

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