I remember my mom telling me hundreds of times, "Son, never take a selfie with a rattlesnake. They won't hold still and they can get irritated by the camera."

Okay, so no such conversation ever took place. I mean, why would it? Do people really need to be told that taking a selfie with a venomous snake could have less that pleasant results. The guy in this story must be one of the people that inspire all the unnecessary warning labels on so many products.

People like our snake bite victim here are the very reason hair dryers come with a warning not to dry your hair while you're still in a tub of water.

Our geniuses name is Todd Fassler and he really just had to have a selfie with a deadly snake and surprise of surprises, the snake bit him. He's lucky to have lived through the pretty much self-inflicted wound, but he wasn't so lucky when he finally got out of the hospital.

Nope, old Todd found out about the high cost of being stupid. His hospital bill came up to a grand total of $150,000. Most of that cost came from the massive amount of anti-venom it took to keep him from dying. Anti-venom isn't cheap because the only way to get it is to milk a rattle snake of it's venom and people aren't exactly lining up to obtain such jobs.

I'm sure that you, dear reader, are a person of intelligence, but since one can never tell, allow me to add the disclaimer to this story: Don't try this at home.