I've always been a fan of any group that has good harmony, so how could I help being a fan of a group with three singers and tons of very tight harmony? One day while searching for a live video of the group, I happened to stumble across a very unusual 3 Dog Night video.

It seems that at one point in their career, 3 Dog Night took to doing shows with classical orchestras and the results were amazing. While I enjoyed all the "orchestra videos" of the group, this one performance really caught my ear just right and I wanted to share it with you.

The video in question is a live performance of a song written by the late Laura Nyro and adapted by 3 Dog Night back in 1969. It was in November of that year that the song went to #10 on the Billboard charts, but I can assure you the original record sounded nothing like this amazing performance.

I have no idea about which city's orchestra this is, but Cory Wells' vocals are not to be believed. Sure would be nice if we could get The Lake Charles Symphony to team up with the group for one of their Summer Pops concerts!