Melanie was, for a couple of years, the darling of the Woodstock generation. Her early morning performance at the festival took the pretty much unknown performer and made her an overnight sensation

A few hits followed and she was gone...In the professional sense, that is.

So what happened to Melanie?

From Melanie's Official Website:

Melanie Safka first attracted national attention when she stepped onto the stage at Woodstock. The summer of '69. As dawn broke, and rain began to fall, she performed on a stage that transformed a generation and changed music forever. And it was here where Melanie launched a legendary career that spans more than 40 years, including the #1 hit song Brand New Key.


Melanie had an odd career to say the least. Right there in the midst of all that peace and love, was that young innocent face singing about peace and love and 'candles in the rain' yet her chart success was not that spectacular.

Of her 6 Top 40 hits, only two managed to crack the Top 30.

In 1970, following the release of 'Woodstock' her anthem "Candles in the Rain' went to #6, then in 1971, Melanie hit the #1 spot with 'Brand New Key.'

After that, the industry forgot all about Melanie. Her follow up to 'Brand new Key' a song called 'Ring the Living Bell' only made it to #31. The hits ran out all together in 1973.

Today, Melanie seems to be very happy with her life and, while she no longer plays in front of massive crowds, she does tour from time and time and, yes, still records.

Her records are quite a family project since her husband, Peter Shekeryk and her son, Beau, are very involved with her music.

In fact, you can find her new projects HERE

Here's Melanie performing 'Look What They've Done to My Song'