The tropical depression we told you about yesterday, as predicted is now a tropical storm and is expected to strengthen to hurricane strength. Right now Tropical Storm Erika has maximum sustained winds of about 45 mph.

If you like to track these storms, the latest coordinates are 14.8 N 50.2 W, or about 750 miles east of the Leeward Islands. Right now Erika is moving to the west at about 20 mph, however, that forward speed is expected to decrease over the next few days.

On it's current track, Erika is expected to approach the Bahamas this weekend as a category one hurricane. While early reports said that Erika was going to probably follow the same path as Danny, it now looks as if Erika will take a more northerly turn later in the week and into the weekend.

Most all computer models keep the storm out of the Gulf, but do curve it northward and potentially impacting Florida by late Sunday or Monday.