Do you know how many Christmas songs are out there?  There's, like, a lot of 'em.

But the coolest thing about Christmas music is that it comes in such a wide variety!  Pop, rock, traditional, big bands ... maybe even some polka if you look long enough.  Still, some songs reach across all genres to touch us in special ways.  We're dying to know -- what do you think the greatest Christmas song of all time is?

We put together a list of nominations, 'cause we're forward-thinking like that.  Go down the list and tell us what your favorite song is! O

On Friday, Dec. 23 (Christmas Eve Eve), Gary and Heather in the Mornings will count down your favorites in reverse order until we find out what the number one song is.

Don't like our choices?  Well, feel free to submit a write-in vote.  (Please include the artist and the song title.)  That's democracy for ya!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Fun Radio 92.9, Your Christmas Station!