local scams

BBB Warns of Door to Door Scam in Lake Area
First of all, beware of anyone coming to your door to sell you anything. There is a law in the area forbidding door to door sales without a permit and in Sulphur, door to door sales are not allowed at all.
This latest scam involves your driveway and an offer to resurface your driveway at a real savin…
BBB Warns of New Email Scam — Fake Mail From the BBB
The Better Business Bureau, the folks who try to keep us up-to-date on scams, is the subject of the latest scam making the rounds.
In this scam, you may open your email to find some mail claiming to be from the BBB. Like most scam emails, the letter will then tell you that they are updating their fil…
BBB Warning — IRS Phone Scam in Lake Area
Carmen Million, with the Better Business Bureau is warning residents of a phone scam being used in the Lake Area.
The latest scam involves calling people and telling them they are going to be arrested unless they pay their taxes.
It's called 'spoofing' and here's the truth behind s…