First of all, beware of anyone coming to your door to sell you anything. There is a law in the area forbidding door to door sales without a permit and in Sulphur, door to door sales are not allowed at all.

This latest scam involves your driveway and an offer to resurface your driveway at a real savings. Cue the alarm bells and here's why.

The local Better Business Bureau warns to residents of door-to-door solicitors in Sulphur who are offering to repave driveways at cut-rate prices.

It seems that there are people in the area from Texarkana with a company called Stevens Construction. these folks usually show up at your door on weekends and after hours. They do this so that you can't call and check out the company's office in Texarkana.

These door to door sales people have a story that they had been working for the City of Sulphur and had some materials left over so they can offer you a great deal on getting your driveway resurfaced. They may even offer you  a great price on the job. The low price is just part of the scam.

In reality, these companies use substandard materials and perform shoddy work. Not only that, if you factor in the cheap materials and shoddy work, that makes the price over-inflated.

Carmen Million of the BBB reminded residents that there is an ordinance that prohibits door-to-door solicitations in Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish without a permit, while Sulphur prohibits these solicitors altogether.

For parish permit information, call 337-721-3640  or call 337-491-1442 inside the Lake Charles city limits.