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Drew Brees Named Offensive Player of the Week
My theory is that Drew Brees is just now fully recovered from that preseason in jury. If that is the truth then we are going to see more games this year like last week's victory over Pittsburgh. That performance earned Drew Brees the title of NFC Offensive Player of the Week.
Don Rivers Does His Part To Help Saints Win
I found my Drew Brees jersey before yesterday's game and thought it was a good sign.The Saints did win yesterday which means that I get to wear my Saints tie today. It is important to do your part to help the team win ... whatever it takes.
Saints Lose Season Opener To Atlanta In Overtime
A lot of people will pin the loss on the Colston's fumble in overtime. That is unfair as a couple of touchdowns instead of field goals earlier in the game could have erased the overtime and given the Saints a victory over the Falcons in regulation. It did not work out that way.
Drew And Brittany Brees Have Baby Girl
The Brees family welcomed their first baby girl . Callen, Baylen and Bowen welcomed their baby sister into the world. The Brees clan now numbers six.
Brittany gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl; but there was no name on the birth certificate...

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