In the early morning hours of January 9th of 2011, someone committed a crime that still has people asking, "why?"  What kind of person would burn a child's playground?  Millennium Park was a community project so more than just a few people were shocked and angry.  The person that is the prime suspect in the crime is on trial right now in Lake Charles. Do they have a strong case? Prosecutors say, "yes."


Prosecutors say they can  "absolutely” prove that Seth Arceneaux is responsible for starting the fire that destroyed Millennium Park in January 2011.

Arceneaux is charged with simple arson, the  penalty for that crime is  two to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000.

Arceneaux’s  is represented by Robert Shelton, who told the jury that the case is not a witch hunt and  they would have to weigh the evidence for themselves as to whether the evidence is sufficient for guilt.

It would appear that even Areceneaux's "friends" are prepared to state that started the fire.

A  co-worker of Arceneaux’s says that he asked her to accompany him to Millennium Park the night before the fire and that when she asked him about the blaze  the next morning, he reportedly laughed.

The back story is that Arceneaux allegedly carved his initials into a post on the park and then tried to eradicate the carving with a lighter.

Millennium Park was built by volunteers from the community back in 2000 and then rebuilt last year. Authorities say the fire caused about $190,000 worth of damage.

Arceneaux was arrested Jan. 24, 2011, and was freed on $60,000 bond posted the day after his arrest. He wasn’t indicted until June, when he pleaded not guilty.

IN the "all's well that ends well" department, here's a shot of the new park..also built by members of the community.  Talk about rising from the ashes! It looks great!