Despite the claims of an "iron clad" case, it took a Lake Charles jury on 15 minutes of deliberation to find Seth Areceneaux not guilty of setting the fire that destroyed Millennium Park.

Two acquaintances of Arceneaux's testified that Areceneaux told them that he started the fire.

One witness, Kayla Styles said she workd with Arecneaux at a local pizza restaurant and that Arecneaux told her that "everybody" was carving their initials into the wooden playground and that they then tried to burn off the carvings. Of course, that testimony would be considered "hearsay".

The jury retired and return the "not guilty" verdict in a matter of minutes. Arceneaux and his friends celebrated but where hushed by the judge. The celebration continued outside for the benefit of the KPLC news cameras and the scene took on the atmosphere one might expect at an awards ceremony.