As soon as you get your first job, there is one person you will meet somewhere down the line and that is the bad boss. I've been fairly lucky. the last bad boss I had left the company several years ago. His name still inspires laughter and stories of his stupidity. Sadly, his stupidity was combined with cruelty making it even worse.

Why these people are even allowed to keep jobs is beyond me. I will never understand the person that is actually proud of being an office bully. How can these people live with themselves knowing what they do to individuals who have to deal with them on a daily basis.

Are they proud that they cause people health and family problems? I can't answer that, but according to a recent poll, a lot of people really hate their bosses.

A new survey has found that one out of five people would rather be given more work than sit next to their boss at work.Think about that: these people would gladly accept more paperwork that keeps them in the office later so they'll miss 'Friends' reruns than sit next to the man or woman who is above them in the food chain on the job. Ouch.

There must be some especially bad bosses out there because a total of 38% would prefer enduring a longer ride to work, sit next to a co-worker who eats loudly or be assigned more work than sit next to their boss.

Some other interesting notes from the survey:

  • 86% would rather work alone in the hopes of doing the most amount of work possible
  • The movement towards working from home may be nothing nut hogwash, since 63% would “prefer to spend ‘focus time’ in their personal workspace as compared to those who'd rather work at home (29%)”
  • 24% claim they spend more time in meetings talking about work instead of doing the work they’re discussing
  • Talking to co-workers in person seems to be going the way of the typewriter. Forty-six percent say they chat with colleagues via IM, email or the phone instead of face-to-face.

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