Lori Primeaux-Coleman hadn't ever won anything in her life, really.  Nothing big.  So she enters the "Wake Up With Al" contest with the Today Show on NBC.  Doesn't expect to win.  And then, suddenly, she did.  And now Lori's on national TV and America's most famous weatherman -- Al Roker -- is hanging out in her office.  She's a celebrity, and she's turning Carlyss upside down.

KPLC's 7News Sunrise is broadcasting live this morning from Lori's place of business -- the Carlyss Fire Department.  (Ya think Ben Terry is a little nervous this morning?  He's doing the weather and 20 yards away, the Michael Jordan of TV weather is just chillin'.  I'd be terrified.)

I had the chance to talk to Patrick Coleman last week -- he's Lori's husband and also a firefighter in Carlyss.  He's eating all of this up because Lori is incredibly shy, and she doesn't know what to do with all this attention.  Well, Lori -- enjoy the heck out of it, because you DESERVE it!