He only had one hit. It was in the Spring of 1977 when "Undercover Angel" launched Alan O'Day into his brief chart success.

Actually, even though he had only one hit of his own, he did write some substantial hits for other artists including The Righteous Brothers, Helen Reddy and Cher.

O'Day passed away in California at the age of 72.

I actually got to interview the guy.

Late in 1977, Alan O'Day was still riding the fame from "Undercover Angel" when he released his follow up single, a song called "Started Out Dancing, Ended Up Making Love." The song didn't do much, nor did his follow up to that called "Skinny Girls."


He was doing radio interviews to promote his new single and I was on the list of folks that got to interview him. I can't say I remember much about the interview with one exception.

Given the subject matter of his first two records, I pointed out that it seemed that he wrote a lot of songs about sex. O'Day corrected my statement by replying, "No, ALL my songs are about sex."

Other than that the whole thing is a blur other than I came away with the impression that he was a nice guy with a crazy sense of humor.

Later in his career, O'Day also wrote songs for "Muppet Babies"