Sean Payton is wrapping up work for at least a year.  The question on everybody’s mind is...”Who will coach the Saints?"  The name that pops up most often in response to that question is....wait for it..


.Bill Parcels. I know no shock there.

It’s no secret that Payton looks up to Parcels and the two have had talks since the you-know-what- hit the fan (or is it fans?)...According to Payton the conversations have been more along the lines of, “what would you do in my place” rather than “can you take my place”.

It could be a few days before the Saints are ready to make a decision, even if Parcells, who turns 71 in August, decides wants to coach a Saints team looking to make the playoffs for a fourth straight season.

Payton said he has not decided whether to appeal and has until Monday. While an appeal could by Peyton a little more time NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already said that he would expedite any appeals to what would be the point?

Should there be an appeal, the Saints would want to see whether it results in a reduced penalty before deciding whether to look within or outside of the organization for Payton's stand-in.

Not factoring in Parcells, take a lok at what the Saints already have in their toolbox. First there is offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, followed by defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. Payton has expressed confidence in all those men but then you’e left with the problem of the fact that these people all have pretty full plates.

And then..there’s the TEAM!

As many as 27 players also could be sanctioned for their role in the scandal.

Payton said he didn't want the scandal to "taint or tarnish" his team's recent success.

"We'll get through this," he said. "This will be a challenge. ... You know, we've gone through a lot of adversity and we've won a lot of games in really a short window of time. And I know our players are leaders both within the locker room and the coaching staff will look at this as a challenge and a little bit as an opportunity."

Payton said he was confident he will coach the Saints again in 2013, and that his biggest challenge was realizing that for the first time in 39 years, he may not have an active role in football as a player or coach.

You know, this would make GREAT reality TV! Stay posted.