The question of whether or not Bill Parcells would step in for Sean Payton looks like it has been answered and that answer is, "No."

Speculation was pretty high that Parcells would take over the temporary position while Payton serves out his year-long suspension, but Parcells is now saying that he prefers to remain in retirement. The answer to the negative has not been confirmed by the Saints nor by Parcells' agent, Jimmy Sexton.

So...Where does that leave the Saints?

According to the Associated Press:


If the Saints decide to select a replacement from their existing staff, the leading candidates are: assistant head coach Joe Vitt, who will serve a six-game suspension; offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr.; offensive line coach Aaron Kromer; new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Last season, Vitt and Carmichael took on significant additional responsibilities when Payton was rehabilitating for weeks from a broken leg.


While Vitt may be qualified, he would have to miss six games at the beginning of the season as he serves out his penalty. Not an ideal situation for a team in need of a strong driving force in the head coach position.





Steve Spagnuolo has head coaching experience after spending the last three seasons in that role with St. Louis.






Pete Carmichael went to New Orleans with Sean Payton back in '06 and Aaron Kromer came along in 08. Both Carmichael and Kromer have very good chances of eventually landing head coaching positions around the league.

And the search continues!