In the past ten years I’ve enjoyed a 92% accuracy rate

  • Traffic on 610 Loop especially near Fannin and Kirby will me more of a mess than usual and all day and all night for 9 straight days beginning January 29. Parts of South Main Street will be impassable.
  • Sausage and link sales in the Houston metro grocery stores will quintuple starting January 30th
  • Charcoal briquettes will be in short supply along with ice. And beer.
  • CQ-Roll Call,Inc.
  • 500 will pass out before the kickoff
  • By September 2017, 32% of fans aged 18-34 of the winning team will have become new parents.
  • Many for the first time.
  • 8. The network will publish the insane amount of money they’re collecting for a one half minute advertisement, one or two of which will be memorable and repeated ad infinitum until the end of February.

    Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

    9. Between 7 and 9 percent of the viewers in the stadium and worldwide on television will wonder ‘when the 7th inning stretch” is so they can go to the bathroom


    Ron Vesely

    10. Fifty percent of sports journalists will declare it the greatest game in history, the other 50% the worst and it won’t matter because we’ll all have to do this again in just one year.

    Bryan Bedder