If you have kids, you've no doubt experienced the phenomenon known as the temper tantrum.These tantrums can be brought on by many things ranging from not getting their way to hunger or boredom. I think they can also be brought on by nothing at all.

Kids are very selective about their tantrums. Their favorite time seems to be in the middle of a crowded store full of people you know. Kids have a sense of this and I'm sure the tantrums are carefully orchestrated to embarrass you at the most inopportune time possible.

I never had much of a sense of humor about these explosive self expression outburst, but this mom decided to make her kids tantrum a viral video. It's also a bit of great planning on the part of the mom. Sure, right now the kid can't appreciate the irony of it all, but when that kid gets to be about 16 and has her first boyfriend over to the house, don't think this video isn't going to resurface.