Trick or Treaters take to the streets in our area tonight and tomorrow night. It is so much fun for the kids and the adults who escort them as well as for the owners of the homes where they stop.  Here are some Louisiana State Police tips to keep your little one safe.

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We can all agree the first precaution is to always make sure kids are escorted by a responsible adult. You are urged to check for any sex offenders in the area. They are not allowed to participate in any trick or treating activities. Some other tips from Louisiana State Police are

Ensure that your child carries a flashlight and/or wears a reflective or blinking mechanism to alert drivers of the child’s location.
 Masks can restrict vision and breathing, face painting is a safe option.
 Costumes should fit children correctly and not drag the ground, which could create a tripping hazard.
Children should be accompanied by adults/parents and should not be allowed to enter homes or    vehicles without their supervision. 
Children should also know their address, phone number, and how to dial 911 for emergencies.  Young children should have this information attached somewhere on their costume in the event they get separated or lost.                            
Parents are urged to inspect the candy for safety after returning home
Motorists are urged to be very diligent when driving through neighborhoods where children are present and understand that kids will be distracted while going from house to house.