Our hometown favorite seems to be a Country wide favorite. I don't think anyone was shocked when Joshua was named part of the final five. Even the very choosey Jimmy had nothing but good things to say about Joshua. He even went out on a bit of a limb at one point......

Adding to his rave review of Joshua's performance, Jimmy added, "if he’s voted off, there’s something wrong with the competition." Joshua's version of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" wowed the judges enough to give him yet another standing O.

On the other hand, it was time say "goodbye" to Elise. The overall consensus was that, in addition to her pitch problems, she made some poor choices in choosing material. "Whole Lotta Love", her swan song, was among the poor choices.

One high point of the evening was The Queen Extravaganza.  The group of hand-picked musicians (by Queen drummer Roger Taylor) made its' world debut with a good version of "Somebody to Love".

Stefano performed his new single. It was like watching paint dry.  For all the screaming girls and hoopla, he doesn't have a 10th of Joshua's talent or style.

Don't forget to watch next week and vote for Joshua!!