Talk about your senseless crimes. On the morning of May 18, three teenage vandals decided it would be just super cool to destroy books from the Little Free Library at The Grove at Heritage Square.

The three were caught on the Grove's security camera, but as is usually the case, the images are somewhat grainy and out of focus. The actual video from the camera shows the trio taking several books from the box, tearing them apart and scattering the pages before running away.

The suspects are three white males. One suspect was wearing beige shorts with a gray and white striped hoodie. The second suspect was wearing blue jeans, a beige T-shirt and had a black backpack. The third suspect was wearing dark pants and a dark shirt.

While there are no clear shots of the suspects faces, there's bound to be somone who will recognize one or more of them from the video footage. If you think you know one or more of these suspects, contact Sulphur Police Chief Lewis Coats at 337-527-4550.