Okay, here we go boys and girls. Go ahead and eat that Butterfingers. That Snickers bar at the store checkout? Go ahead, enjoy it.

A new study says that eating a lot of candy will not make you a side show attraction.

I know what you want to know about this study. You want to know who conducted it. Ahh, there's the rub.


The study was sponsored by the National Confectioners Association . . . and just where does the NCA get it's money? From candy manufacturers!   So, it's hard to think they were completely objective.

The study found 96% of adults in the U.S. eat candy.  And the ones who eat the most were NOT more likely to be overweight or have a higher risk of heart disease than people who don't eat candy.

The people who ran the study say it's not a pass to go eat an unlimited amount of candy, but, quote, "most people are treating themselves to candy without increasing their risk of obesity or cardiovascular disease."