We all know that there have never been accidents caused while talking on a cell phone...right? So, the Louisiana Senate has decided that, while it is dangerous and there have been fatalities caused by people with their high priority calls ( "and so, like Chad told Tiffany, that  he, you know..like...liked her she was like, "OMG he drives a crummy car") that we should all go ahead and gab on the phone instead of less important things like..Oh, I don't know...Not running red lights and stop signs..and kids crossing the street!

Let me just step down off this soapbox so you can read the story...



A proposal to ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving has failed to win support in the Louisiana Senate.

The Senate Transportation Committee voted 2-1 Thursday against the House-backed proposal.

New Orleans Rep. Austin Badon, a Democrat, says he proposed the bill as a safety measure. Drivers could use a hands-free device to talk on the phone behind the wheel.

Critics say cell phones aren't any more dangerous than things like drinking coffee while driving, eating while driving or reading the newspaper while driving. Livingston Sen. Dale Erdey, a Republican, says hands-free devices aren't any safer than holding the phone to the ear. ( oh, you drive with your ears?)

Louisiana currently has a ban on texting while driving.


I know no one in Lake Charles would ever dream of talking on the phone instead of paying attention to where they are going..Except,  of course, the moron in the grey Buick who sat through the light at Broad and Ryan yesterday because she had to tell marge about this "one time at band camp"

Yeah, Okay..I do it to. Hey, but I restrict my calls to emergencies only. Like when I just had to call my friend Bob to find out if he and Betty were going to dinner tomorrow night...well, you won't believe what she said to him....