No, they're not changing the name to the Joshua Ledet Concert Hall, but given the outpouring of support that you man received there last week, it could be conceivable!  Actually, the name will still include the name of the arena's benefactor, W.T. Burton..But more than a name change is in store...


According to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, the new name for the arena will be the Burton Complex.


A few of the overhauls are already in place, including new features inside the complex like vinyl banners and televisions near the concession stands. Some of the other renovations will include restroom renovations, lighting system upgrades and a new roof.

Parish Administrator Bryan Beam says the changes are long overdue.

"With a facility this big, you have maintain it and you have to reinvest in it," said Beam. "Every 20 years or so is when you should ideally sort of upgrade or do renovations to keep up. We're a little behind the curve on that because money is always a challenge."

Officials say construction of the remaining upgrades may start as early as next week.